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We make jewellery.

The Jewellery Box is the collaboration between two practising jewellers based in the Wairarapa, New Zealand; Liz Cheetham and Goldsmith Francis Kirkham. Together we create contemporary jewellery with a focus on simplicity, wearability, and design. Our work is crafted by hand, in sterling silver, gold & precious gems sourced from all around the world.

Following on from the highly successful physical pop-up store during the summer of 2016-17 in Greytown, we continue to collaborate and provide an opportunity for budding jewellery makers to market their pieces, alongside our own work. The Jewellery Box is stocked throughout New Zealand art and design stores, regularly holds bustling stalls at markets throughout the Lower North Island, and exhibits work at National Galleries.  


liz cheetham 

Liz's enjoyment of jewellery making began through studying with Francis Kirkham. A simple hobby turned into the pursuit to learn new skills and perfect her techniques over the past ten years. She uses simple lines in her designs and geometry to create pieces which she hopes the wearer enjoys wearing as much as she enjoys making.

francis kirkham 

Francis is a contemporary Goldsmith who has significant experience working with gold, silver and precious gemstones. Inspired by the natural environment, particularly in New Zealand and Rarotonga, Francis creates timeless pieces that balance style and function. Francis typically works in sterling silver, but converts his designs to gold by request, as well as undertaking commissions and engagement rings / wedding bands.